Southwest Colorado’s Premier Clothing-Optional Hot Springs Resort

Orvis Hot Springs has long been a sacred place of healing for the Tabeguache band of the Utes, who lived in the Uncompahgre River valley before Mexican and European settlement. Led by famed Ute Chief Ouray, the namesake of Ouray County, the Tabeguache soaked in the hot springs to receive its calming affects and curative powers. Today, these natural hot springs continue to offer therapeutic results to all who seek relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our hot springs in Ridgway have seven main naturally-occurring minerals with various health benefits. The waters here are most famous for their lithium content, highly sought after due to its soothing effects that naturally melt away stress and anxiety. A soak in Orvis Hot Springs can reduce the effects of conditions such as arthritis and eczema, by improving the function of many of the body’s vital systems. Scientific evidence shows that the combination of the heat and minerals in hot springs improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles, relieve pain, and promote peaceful sleep.

Hot Springs Rates as of January 1, 2022

Day Soaking (9:00am-9:00pm, last admittance at 8:00pm)

Adult–All Day: $28
Adult–One-Hour Quick Dip: $24
We ask that you prepay $28 and we will refund $4 at check out.

Children–4-12 years old:$15
Children–3 & under: Free

Towel Rental: $3.00

Member Rates*

Individual Membership:  $150.00
Members soak for $11 per visit and are allowed one guest per day for an additional $11. Member’s children (4-12 years old) soak for $4 per visit.



The Mineral Ponds at Orvis

Enjoy the Mineral-rich Waters with Seven Outdoor & Three Indoor Options to Enjoy Nude* or Clothed


The Pond

Forty feet across and up to five feet deep, the Pond is surrounded on three sides by a redwood deck and lined with natural rock and boulders, so you’ll find numerous areas to sit and lay down while enjoying views of 14,150-foot Mount Sneffels. The naturally hot spring water has seasonal average temperatures of 100 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Attached to the Pond is small plunge with cooler water, offering a refreshing dip to take a break from the heat.

The Pond is filled by spring water naturally flowing up through the ground. While walking in the Pond, try digging your toes into the pebble bottom and you will find several hot spots, where the water is entering the pond. The biggest flow from the underground spring enters the Pond from a cave, under a rock bench next to the Plunge. Rising water tables will increase the water’s flow, which will maintain a hotter pond temperature.

A wooden pipe, known as the Flume, shoots water into the pond to manipulate the temperature, and give a great back massage. A combination of hot and cold spring water flows out of the Flume as a way of keeping the temperature as close to an ideal 103-104 degrees as possible. Natural occurrences such as rain, snow, wind, sunlight and high water tables affect the temperature greatly. We do what we can, but we are not as powerful as nature, so…the temperatures in the Pond will vary. We hope you will enjoy nature as much as we do!

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Island Pond

Our cozy Island Pond is 20 feet long, eight feet across and two feet deep. Here, you can sit back and enjoy the stunning view and the relaxing sound of the cascading waterfall. This pond is fed by pure Crater water, coming out of the ground at about 127 degrees. The Crater is located on the highest point of the property (across the county road, near the chimneys), making it easy to gravity feed all of our facilities. Besides the Island Pond, we use it as the water source for the Smokers Pond and to add heat to the (main) Pond during very cold months, as well as to heat the entire Orvis Hot Springs building, pre-heat the showers, and warm our pathways in the winter months.

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Smokers Pond

This small, eight-foot round pool features a babbling waterfall and is the only soaking area at Orvis Hot Springs where smoking is allowed (though cannabis smoking is illegal). It has beautiful flagstone around it and tends to be in the 103-107-degree range. This pond is also fed by the pure Crater water that naturally heats many other pools and facilities here.

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Lobster Pot

Our hottest tub is known as the Lobster Pot, and averages between 108 and 114 degrees. Its water source is a hot springs vein tapped at the well pit, located near the campground. Sheltered by a privacy fence and with less surface area than the Pond, this tub maintains a more consistent temperature. A flagstone patio and pathways were built in 2016 around the Lobster Pot, Sauna and Cold Plunge, and allow for smoother walking with bare feet in the warmer months and more efficient and thorough snow removal in the winter.

Cold Plunge

Our coldest pond, the Cold Plunge, sits next to our Sauna and is maintained at the chilly temperature of 62 degrees. Immersing the body into cold water has been shown to have many positive health effects from improved lung function to an increase in the release of depression-beating chemicals like noradrenaline and beta-endorphins. It can also stimulate the lymphatic system, which boosts the production of infection-fighting cells to increase your immunity.

North Pond

The North Pond, is located behind our Main Pond. With the average temperature hovering at 100 degrees, this 30 feet across and 4 feet deep pool is a great place to cool off on hot summer days.

Watsu Pool

Our newest addition, the Watsu Pool, was specifically designed for Watsu massage. Watsu, a term blending water and shiatsu, is a gentle form of aquatic body therapy that takes place in warm, non-chlorinated water. The pool measures at 16 feet in diameter and is 4 feet deep. This pool is a silent area, making it perfect for a quiet, contemplative soak.

Interested in receiving a Watsu? Check out our massage page for rates and more info!

Indoor Pools at Orvis

The Indoor Pool

The Indoor Pool building was completely torn down and rebuilt into a beautiful timber frame structure in 2007. Colorful murals of outdoor scenes cover the interior walls and ceiling. The pool is three feet deep and has a consistent average temperature of 98 degrees, with water flowing in from the spring source at the well pit. Enjoy the natural hot spring water while your family plays to the sounds of a cascading waterfall or relaxes on comfortable patio furniture. This pool requires the use of bathing suits from 7:00am to 9:00pm and has a separate entrance.

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Private Tub 1

This private tub was completely remodeled in 2011, and features a super quiet drain. Brand new tile lines the walls and bench of this relaxing indoor soaking tub. Small smooth river stone covers the tub’s bottom and feels great on your feet. The natural hot spring water in this tub ranges in temperature from 102 to 110 degrees, and it is cleaned daily. No extra charge or reservation is necessary for the use of this tub, which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Private Tub 2

This private indoor tub features beautiful tile and woodwork, and has a window providing pleasant natural light. The warmer of the two indoor tubs, the water ranges in temperature from 102 to 110 degrees. Also available at no extra charge, guests may enjoy this hot springs experience on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is drained and cleaned every morning.

* Bathing suits are required in the indoor pool from 7:00am to 9:00pm Lodgers and campers can enjoy the indoor pool “au naturel” after (and before) public hours.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Just as we all love the clean Colorado mountain air, Orvis Hot Springs & Spa is seriously committed to clean, welcoming facilities. Outside, the Island and Smokers Ponds are cleaned every Thursday, the Sauna, Lobster Pot and Cold Plunge are cleaned every Friday, and the Pond is closed two to three days a month between 7:00am and 5:00pm for cleaning. Inside, the private tubs are cleaned every morning, while the Indoor Pool is vacuumed every morning and both drained and cleaned every three weeks, when we close it from 7:00am and 8:00pm.


A wonderful soaking experience, with unbeatable views. The water is beautifully pristine, with no odor–a win for such a lovely set of springs. They have a good variety of pools with varying temperatures, including an awesome cold pool inset into the largest hot spring pool. Try sitting against the wall and feel the cool water seep through the wall into the hot spring—you’ll thank me if it’s a hot day!